Soil Biology Lab PI

Dr. Lisa Tiemann, Assistant Professor

Soil Biology Lab Manager

Amanda Harden (



Daniel Warnock (

Yang Ouyang (

 Graduate Students

Alexia Witcombe (

Nzube Prisca Egboluche (

Darian Marinis (

Undergraduate Students

Megan Vanderploeg

Evan Thomas

Laney Hult

Bana Abolibdeh

Katheryne Johnston

Matthew Uebbing

Chloe Page

Former Lab Members

Stephanie Grand (postdoc) – now faculty member at University of Lausanne in Switzerland

Ashley Sumerix (undergrad) – now working in a lab position at Monsanto

Kyle Kelley (undergrad)

David French (undergrad)

The Soil Biology Lab in the Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences Department at MSU is always looking for talented and highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students. If you are interested in joining the lab please email Dr. Tiemann.